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Hair Health

NEW! Exclusive SuperCapsule™ + ED Performance Boosts Hair Growth & Sexual Stimulation

Our board-certified dermatologists have developed the only all-in-one hair growth SuperCapsule™ + ED Performance on the market formulated with the strongest FDA-approved ingredients. This unique combination of Finasteride, Tadalafil, and Vitamin D3 is formulated for men; it helps to stimulate hair growth and offset unwanted sexual side effects commonly associated with hair growth solutions. Our co-founder Dr. Ben Behnam shares the benefits below.

You no longer have to sacrifice your intimate moments to get hair growth results. Just one pill a day gives you the best of both worlds by improving blood flow to the scalp and penis. This is the perfect hair growth solution for men who’ve avoided oral medications in the past.

If you’re interested in trying the strongest hair growth ingredients with results in 3 to 6 months, try our SuperCapsule™ + ED Performance, just take our quick questionnaire here.


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